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Each knife is processed by hand, the old fashion way! This procedure dates back hundreds of years. Today we use high tech machines to create a precision bevel on each knife in order to ensure a high quality edge for our customers.

The process begins with the thinning of the steel on each knife. A hallow grinding machine with 2 stone wheels creates a V like passage that the entire length of the knife is hand fed through from the tip to the heel, or front to back.

Once the steel is at the proper thickness, the knife is then placed by hand at a specific angle on the grinding wheel. Starting at the heel and dragged across the stone to the tip, the edge is now being cut into the knife. This is done on both sides of the knife until the proper edge is acquired.

Finishing the knife entails the blade to be passed through another 2 wheels with the V like passage; however, these 2 wheels hone the knife by removing the burr. Once the edge is complete, each side of the knife is swiped across a bench stone, sanitized, and packaged for delivery.

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