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Supplies & Products
Supplies & Products

Supplies & Products

Maestranzi Bros. sharpens and services more than just hand knives. We run a line of special machines that are used to process many common cutting blades used in the food industry today.

  • Meat slicer blades: We provide a free loaner blade to use while we sharpen yours. All makes and models.
  • Meat grinder plates & blades: Ask about our M/G plate and knife exchange program.
  • Food Processor Blades: We provide free loaners for many popular food-processing machines. Robot Coupe, Hobart, Globe, Dito Dean.
  • Chopper Blades: Bowl chopper blades, vegetable attachment blades, Nemco Easy Slicer, and more.

Maestranzi Bros. services and sells replacement blades for a variety of Fruit and Vegetable prep machines.

  • Tomato Slicers: Various size blade assemblies.
  • Vegetable Dicers: Various size dicer assemblies.
  • French Fry Cutters: Various widths available.
  • Lettuce Choppers: Whole head dicing assemblies.
  • Hand Adjustable Easy Slicers: From 1/8” to a full 1” slice options.

Some of our most popular every day sale items include:

  • Can Openers: New can opener with table mounted base or ask about our can opener exchange program.
  • Food Prep Gloves: We carry all sizes in vinyl and latex gloves. Lightly powdered or powder free.
  • Safety Gloves: Cut resistant and cut proof.
  • NSF Cutting Boards: Standard sizes available in 6 different colors for cross contamination control.
  • Custom NSF Cutting Boards: Any size available. Thicknesses available in ½” ¾”1”and 2”. Call with the length and width for a free price quote.
  • Replacement Parts: We stock parts for all makes and models of meat slicer machines, band saw machines, dough mixers, and food processors.

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